Ashwamedhini Antaryoga

ashwamedhini-imgInvoke the thermodynamic Arkaashwashakti! infuse the titanic power vibrations in your inner galaxies!

Mahashyamanthaka Upavidya invites you to the threshold of the secret master key through the trantrasadhana "Ashwamedhini Antaryoga".

A new spiritual dimension of the advanced Sooryopasana. Only for senior Mithras who finished Agnikeelana.

"Naaraayanam Sooryanaaraayanam Arkanaaraayanam Poornanaaraayanam"

Ultra Spiritual Transfusion - Ashwamedhini Antaryoga

33 exiciting chapters! Pulsating initiations! Vital channeling total cleansing astounding experiences!!!

Highlights of the 2 - days advanced workshop.

  • Studded connections to Shyamanthakamani through keshara Soothram linguistic beejaprayogas.
  • Enhanced Hook system of yogic healings through Parjanya mudras, symbols, mantras and visualisations.
  • Close up techniques to drastic healings by multiple applications of Lohakonas and kholkas, the mystic shyamanthaka tools.
  • Vidyuth Matangi yantra activation and nithyasadhana to sharpen your memory power, communication skills and public relationships.
  • The vibrant seven Agnihastha mudras to strengthen your chakras, immune system and stamina.
  • Advanced, Bedhi mudrachihna activation and many supertips to utilize our wonderful Arkadanda.
  • Ravimandap invocations to fortify your house, workplace and your auric fields.
  • Advanced Swarnadhara vibrations and applications of Swarnarekha for specific purpose.
  • Prakampana energy waves to wipe away Secret enemity, Grudges, Envy, Evil spells, Evil eye and Constant hurdles.
  • Upanishads improvised into your total life system.

Every minute a graceful movement of joy and celebration!


After Shyamanthaka Vidya enter Graciously into Mahashyamanthaka Upavidya your are chosen by Soorya!

  • Mahashyamanthaka divya mantras and mudras to enhance cosmic consciousness.
  • Navagraha pacification through quick tantric remedies. Blinding Asurapalakas by chitravidya.
  • Sanchara Arkadanda to carry all along.
  • Vivaaha Santhana Saaphalya mantras and prayogas.
  • Chitraambika advanced.
  • The all powerful Ashwamedhini Antaryoga, the vedic yogic invocation of the thermodynamic Ashwashakti along with simplified Ashwamukhi mudras.
  • Chanturdasa Vihangd mudras fortified by Jalatantra.
  • Deeper longer/stronger Meditation formulas and many more valuable subjects!

Supervising tools, Yantras, Energy charts, Talismans and many more secrets!

Antharikshaayai Namaha!

The activation begins where your imagination ends!