• Spiritual understandings and the different perspectives of Bhakthi.
  • Powerful timings to achieve grace and success.
  • Driving the evil vibrations, Negative forces, Evil spells, Envious looks.
  • Capturing unlimited goals, Boosting the inner energy, Self-esteem and performance levels by most powerful manthras, Secret mudras, Drawing AgniShakthi by saralhavan, Self-command and Sthenic techniques.
  • Learn Hook System of yogic healing to heal self and others through energised Bindu centres, Gemstones, Finger tips, Activated looks, Thought waves, Nadi vibrations, BimbaDhyana and Other exclusive meditation techniques, Kalashprathishtas and the four Mudra symbols.
  • Key points of Vaasthu and lucky numbers to attain relief from multiple problems and hurdles.
  • Develop Brahmavarchas, Divine skin glow, Blood purification, Improve concentration, Increase creative talents, Drive away tensions, Phobias, fears, Worries, Bad habits, Frustration and Hallucinations.
  • Thought manifestations, Increasing wealth, Clearing liabilities and Financial crisis, All round prosperity, Increase stamina, Vitality, Fame, Honour, love, Harmony, Good health and Creating protective fields around you.

And many more valuable subjects! Top

You join the workshop!. And you will be inspired to invite your relatives, friends and well wishers into the Arkaorbit and the Mithramandal!!

Highlights of Arkavidya I & II

  • Systematisation-Capturing Unlimited goals.
  • Brahma Varchas and divine vision through Agnikeetaka and JalakeetakaMudra.
  • Sthanabal and SaralHavan to develop Effective relationships, Build up better contacts and Influence.
  • Chakra cleansing and light visualisation through the powerful meditation techniques.
  • Eight directions, the eight Lords and thirty two AsuraPalakas who cause Hurdles, Failures, Delay, Postponements and Disappointments. Drives away the Evil Vibrations, Negative forces and Envious looks by most powerful Manthras, Mudras and Self-command.
  • Invoke the inner pilot, the Sarathi by the Arka Banddham and command him for protective spell and future guidance.
  • Improve concentration, Laser sharp memory, Increase creative talents, Drive away tensions, Phobias, Fears, Worry, Bad habits and Frustration, through BimbaDhyana, DeekshaMansal, DeepaDarshan meditation techniques.
  • Attain relief from mental, Physical, Psychological, Financial, Philosophical disorders, Pains and Problems.
  • Thought manifestations, Increasing wealth, Stamina, Vitality, Fame, Harmony, Love, Honour and all round prosperity through Poornakalash, AshtaKalash and AgniPatraVidhan.
  • Wild, Mild and Child Mind Channeling through powerful Nadiyogam technique and Gemstone charming and many more valuable subjects.