Hook System

The 'Hook System' is a modern approach to the age old traditional ASHEERVADA, DRISTHI NIVAARANA, SIRO RAKSHA procedures

The power of healing comes from Surya. The application of the healing power comes from Within

When Manthra, Mudra, Tanthra, Dishti, Nistha and Sankalpa on to the intended zone at a single stretch, the miracle healing occurs.

Arkavidya, though it stresses upon spirituality, ascension System, is based upon Rhythmic Breathing, Pranayama and Bandhan.

The healer has to be more and more sensitive to succeed well as a powerful healer.

The study of the patterns of energy within us, around us and all over becomes naturally perfect through Arkavidya. Clear observations can also be experienced.

The Mudra system of ignition opens the locks of many Poorva Janma energy centres which are lost in between emotions.

A system of meditation, which activates the third eye center, generates unbelievable energy inside us.

The universe which comprises of ATOMS, is the wheel of super energies in the form of electrons spinning around the nucleus of protons and neutrons. When one event triggers another similar event, which in turn gives rise to many such events, the chain system of reaction occurs. Beta radiations penetrate through the human body, Gamma rays penetrate into its core and the ultimate energy flows all around the ARKAVIDYARTHI or the HEALER.

By AGNIKEETAKA and JALAKEETAKA MUDRAS and MANTHRA Breathing neutron strikes a uranium atom and the atom splits. Two or three free neutrons are produced. These neutrons in turn strike other atoms and a chain reaction of the Mega Beam Force in the form of a Mighty Flash produces tremendous amounts of heat.

Arkavidya does not attempt to impart different healing techniques, but converts an Arkavidyarthi who causes the whole healing.

The seven layers, Esoteric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric template, Celestial, Chakra vibrations the seven colour of the Sun-God, the glands Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Gonads and Adrenal projects the energy beams towards healing.

The Sarathi is also activated through the efficient invocation of the Guru Mitra and almost all the negative vibrations fade away.

The 'Pancha Bhootha' tatva is represented by the finger tips vibrated by Anganyaasa and Karanyaasa Vidhaan, the healing energy flows through the finger tips.

The fingers when hooked systematically emit radiant healing energies and healing takes place.

The Hook System of healing is a sensation among all esoteric systems and alternative therapies.

Arkavidya does not encourage transfer of energy from or to uncultured channels.

The secret manthras and mudras are initiated to the student in the Workshop and energized through the TMV Dry and Wet personal touch procedures.

Healing happens, the transformation happens, Hook System is thus fast spreading through Arkavidya and winning the appreciations of many.