Pancha Ganapathi

pancha-ganapathi-logo-2The Real Antarmukhi Transformation
The transformation has begun

The Entire Universe is changing and we are all bound to invite and dissolve into it

Spirituality is not that easy if the path is tantra. If impossible has to be made possible tantra is the shortest and the easiest way provided it is rightly handled and initiated by the well trained Guru

The golden oportunity knocks your door. Do not miss this grand occation. Let SURYA, NANDU BABA and KESHARAMITRA guide you towards the ultimate

DIZOLVE, ultra-k Meditation Bank, the ashramic organisation a neo dynamic chapter of THEOSOPHIA SHYAMANTAKA MIAAION, poineers in spiritual education, originators to the most popularly practiced ARKAVIDYA, SHYAMANTHAKA VIDYA, KUMBHA GANAPATHI SAADHANA, VEDA SAHASRAPAAT, BALAKANDA the advanced forms of SOORYOPASANA continuously strives to provide the best and qualitative remedies since 1985

This is PANCHA GANAPATHI MAHASADHANA, the age old secret tantric Saadhana, Upasana, Deeksha and Upadesha prakarana unlocked before you

Come, Join the all powerful mitramandali

Highlights of the Mahasadana

The tantric Ganapalaka mudra chihna and mudra to protect the human body and once digestive system

The ANTHASCHARATHI yoga sadhana to activate pancha Ganapathi Kavach within

The twenty on Vajra names of Maha Ganapathi with the Panchadala Pushpa mudra and the EKAVIMSHATI Aradhana

Atma siddhi nava shakti Ganapathi BEEJA BANDHANAM along with KEELAKA Mantras to attain janakarshana, Dhanakarshana, Dharma Karshana

The famous Ganesha pancharatnas chanting with the secret DWIBHUJANGA Mudra

The electrifying five PANCHA GANAPATI MOOLA MANTRAS and the Mahasadhana initiation

The Pancha Ganapathi UPASANA VIDYA incorporated into daily life

GAJANETHRA SIDDHI a tantric remedy to attain Concentration, Will power, Memory, Patience and Brighten the power of vission while protecting against envious evil looks(Buree Nazar)

The secret five forms of PANCHA GANAPATI, the related mantras and prayogas


More than twenty five ecstatic chapters Age old vedic and yogic secret activations. Powerful but simple sadhana techniques