Vaagdevi Bhavishya Vaani

What could happen tomorrow?

How shall the day after be? Will my health continue to be the same? Will I ever be able to settle down in my life, job and business? When will my long awaited job opportunity come? When will I get a promotion? Why these hurdles in business? Which line of business would suit me? Is the very name of my business organisation unlucky? Will the change of name workout miracles? Will the fate change by a mere correction of the name? Will our love succeed? When will my daughter get married? Will the husband and wife matrimonial conflict cool down? Is marital happiness ever possible? Will I be blessed with a child some day? Will my children succeed in their academic ventures? Will my kids be well educated? Will they get through in the examination? How can Nagadosham be relieved? Have abortions anything to do with Nagadosham? Why all my splendid ventures suddenly struck down unfinished? When will I be relieved of my liabilities and financial problems? What will happen to my property clash? When will I financially rise to a higher position? Could I ever construct my house? Will I ever become a film actor? What is my future in the sports line? What is my fate in politics? Will my relatives extend their co-operation? Have our lives to doom if VAASTHU is wrong? Is lavatory in the North - East corner a curse? What happens if the South - East corner is extending? Will the tenant incur any loss by the Vaasthu-dosham of a rental house? Could the wearing of a Kanakapushyaragam gem solve the marital problems? Will my financial status boost up by a mere wearing of a Garuda Marakatham gem? Is it true that a navarathnam ring should not be worn by everybody? Does sapphire not suit me? Will problems solve by wearing lucky rings?

And so on are the questions, doubts and problems that create a great worry about future and 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI' is here for those needy. Yes, we stand by your side to guide you. We will lead you confidently into a bright future!

The water flows where the slope goes?. The ultimate truth God alone knows. Truth ultimately wins. Save dharma and dharma saves you. Nothing is impossible for the one who strives. 'Man proposes but God disposes'. These noble Quotations are not merely to be chanted, but implemented. My humble salutations for the noble few who abide by the above values. What has got to happen shall happen. Anything can be conquered by hard work and efforts could this be the life style and motto of those who boldly walk along with TIME? My sincere salutations for these self-confident ideal lot. My prostrations to the scholars and intellectuals.

Is All This Only A Superstition?

What is the truth? What is the belief? What is superstition? These Questions are not always answered by all means for all. Mother is truth. Father is belief. From generations together, many Great Thinkers, Intellectuals, Scholars and the Learned Ones have mastered the epics, scriptures and shaastras, digested the essence, experienced the truth and developed a strong belief in them. How are we fit to just scratch them off so easily as mere superstition? Let us realize the fact that a life time is too short to understand the depth of the shaastras. Before one could even identify, understand, analyse and define his own life, it takes fifteen thousand days to shrink and fade away. What are we? What is our lifetime? How little is our knowledge and wisdom to measure the mystic boundaries of creation?

Anyway, what is wrong, my dear Sir, if at all you just know about it.

I assure you friends, you would just be thrilled and frozen into surprise, once you have experienced the fantastic power of the shaastras. Do not be prejudiced, experience it yourself.

Can An Astro-Numero-Palmist Change your FATE?

No, he cannot. A fortune-teller or a futurologist (Astro-Numero-Palmist) can just read your future. The astrologist can give suggestions for a boost up of the existing fortune or reduce the intensity of the badly placed planets heading towards a misfortune. He cannot change it or stop. If you have a T.V. in your house, a star- cable - connection could be provided, but how can any connection be given to a person who does not possess a T.V. at all! Effects could be magnified or simplified, that's all. They cannot be wiped off together. Just note the fact that Astro-Numero-Palmists are not magicians. Just as a doctor who can correctly diagnose the case can cure the disease in the same way an Astro-Numero-Palmist who can analyse the subject, can tune your life style and solve your life problems.


Education, knowledge, shaastras, music, art, language, speech and what not-they all are the alphabetical denominations and power of word and sound owned by the Divine MOTHER Goddess Vaagdevi. If Parabrahma is the creator who has drawn the fate lines of posterity, Brahmapathni Saraswathi Devi is the mother who spells out the theme. All this is the blessing of the 'Beejjakshara Shakthi Swaroopini' Vaagdevi. Hence this is 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI' (V.B.V.)


With a vast experience of fifteen years and having seen more than fifteen thousand life-casts as a well-versed Numero-Palmist and Vaasthu Specialist there is a great response and admiration from all over India. Inspite of all this, it is very painful to confess that thousands of clients are being disappointed, unable to get an appointment. In order to reach one and all and be of great use to everybody 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI' is established. Well-educated, renowned, successful, sincere futurologist thus creates a splendid chamber the VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI. Now he is not one. There are many more. Many experienced, renowned, expert Astrologists, Numerologists, Palmists, Vaastu Specialists, Gemmologists, and Manthra Sastra Scholars who stand as advisors to look through complicated problems and take an intensive care to analyse every detail in order to arrive at perfect solutions. The main aim of V.B.V. is to provide excellent unmatched service to one and all. The pride of VBV is that there are many Intellectuals, Stalwarts, Popular personalities and experienced people are behind us to guide 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI' (VBV) in a righteous path.

How can Future be Known Through Bhavishyavaani?

Astrology: (JYOTHISHAM) Birth Chart, Janmakundali, Position of Planets, Dasa, Anthardasa, Amsa Details, (computerised) V.B.V. special analytic report, details, and many more traditional aspects.

Note: Your date of birth, time and place of birth must be furnished necessarily.

Palmistry: Your character, Mentality Analysis, Your Professional Attitudes, Your life graph, Turning Points, Salient Features, Important Incidents, Yearly Analysis, Best Mediocre and worst periodical details, Yogas, Problematic Analysis and Problem solving Advises.

Note: Male or Female it is a must that they should send copies of their palm prints (both palms) Handprints of persons below 15 years of age will not be entertained. Hand prints can be made using a big rubber stamp pad or rub the carbon colour of a fresh carbon paper to your palms by applying few drops of coconut oil and stamp the same upon a smooth surface of a white paper. Clearly write down 'left hand' and ?right hand? print over the paper. You have to send three sets minimum of each palm, so that the missing finer liners in one print, could be visible on the other.

Numerology: Your Psycho-Character and Behavior Analysis, your Professional Attitudes, Life-Graph, Turning Points, Salient Features, Important Incidents, Best Mediocre and Worst Blocks, Yogis, Problematic Analysis, and problem solving Advises.

Note: Your full name, short name, date of birth, marriage date (if married), wife/Husband's name (Date of marriage will be great use if date of birth is not provided).

What if Date of Birth is Unknown?

This is the specialty of 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI'. Even if you don't know your date, your future cast can be made. Your questions can be answered. Remedial advises for your problems can be got. Face reading through your photograph, and psychoanalysis also can be made. Your past, present and future incidents can be told. Intuition helps a lot. Experience adds to it. But your total name, your short name, Husband/Wife's name if married, the date and time of the moment you started to write a letter to 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI', the place, the direction in which you are seated while writing, the colour of dress you are wearing, such details if furnished your future reading can be made. Do not forget to answer all the questions in the 'RESPONSE-REACTION' column. V.B.V. has already foretold this way and succeeded in winning over thousands of contended clients (through NUMERO-PALMIST'S NEST).

Important Note: Please don't write in post-cards. Write only on one side of a paper. Photograph (passport size) compulsory. Your hand prints and horoscopes should be verified. Send the details on a white paper or collect the application form from our office. Fill up the V. B. V. Application Form and send it without fail.

Different Aspects and Details of 'VAAGDEVI BHAVISHYA VAANI'

Please choose what you need after going through the matter carefully. Send the relative amount only by D.D. or M.O. Please Quote the D.D. number or enclose the M.O. receipt along with the ?V.B.V. Application form?. Rs 3,000/- only. It takes minimum 45 days to finish the predictions file.

V.B.V. General Forecast: According to the Bhavishya Vaani procedure your star positions estimated. Few incidents about your past. Major turning points, and important incidents in your life cast. Your character picture. Minus points and draw backs. Your present planetary position. Your future readings, important features only. How is this year for you? Salient incidents, Twists, Result, Remedial measures suggested. Three Questions answered. Your Lucky numbers, Lucky direction, Favourable colours, Lucky stones and gems will be revealed.