Mooshika Petika

'Aging is not experience. Being with me is not knowledge'.

Intellectuality and reasoning have always been interfered in the path of transformation. Imitation and approval also find their own nooks and corners to pierce into the conscious understandings.

mooshika-patikaIn olden days GURUKULS and RISHIDWARS were the place where schooling individuals to cosmic consciousness was a compulsion. Of course these days the dotcom way of spiritual understandings is perfected through workshops like ARKAVIDYA, SHYMANTHAKA VIDYA, OMNI HEALING, SIDDHA KARMA, DEVI SADHANA, SHAKTI UPASANA and so on.

One of the senior most students of the AASHRAM, Gunaranjana, was always perturbed and worried about his Guruji's attitude towards him. His mind was always chaotic, he was witnessing several students who joined the Aashram to learn all vidyas were completing their education and taking leave of the aashram. Gunaranjana, the little senior boy was experiencing loneliness and felt injustice done to him. He was asked to cut the Shrubs, Water the plants, Wash Guruji's clothes, Vessels and utensils, Massage his feet before sleep and bring water from the far away river down the hill. He could fabricate for himself, through his own Intellectuality, Intelligence, Reasoning and Experience that he was simply being used as a servant boy in the aashram. He felt exploited.

Many batches came in and went out but he was left alone. One fine day when Guruji came to him patting his shoulder and asking him about his manthra sadhana, Gunaranjana retarted back emotionally. Though he was mild enough in expression he suppressed his anger and his emotion was transparent on his face.

What's wrong with you Gunaranjana!! asked Gurudev.

'Tell me Guruji why am I the only one who is neglected' Why am I the only one who is never acknowledged of the services. Why is my education incomplete? Why are you holding me back in your aashram! Why are you not blessing me that I have finished my education and I can go away!! asked Gunaranjana.

Guruji looked at him with a smile. Gunaranjana could not withstand the powerful looks that penetrated into his eyes. He frowned with frustration and discontentment. Guruji said O.K. Gunaranjan, today is probably the day for you to prove that you have completed the education.

It is time for you to stand for the final test. The coming full moon day, poornima, is the day to prove your capability.

Yes, Guruji. I shall stand for it?

Why not Guruji: I had always been working hard and doing a donkey job in the aashram. Tell me and I shall do it asked the student anxiously.

I shall give you a gift which has to be passed on to the old lady meditating under the big old Banyan tree on the other side of the river. Be careful. It is very valuable. Hand it over directly to her. Do not give it to any body else. Do not let anyone see what it is. Take her blessings and come back to receive my final initiation and acknowledgements. Will you do so my dear Guna!!! asked Guruji with love.

He said-'yes' and Guruji went inside to bring the gift pack.

Gunaranjan was happy that he could at last encounter his Gurudev for justice.

Guruji came out with a small cloth bag which was holding a wooden box.

Gunaranjana, this is the lovely 'mooshika petika' which I want you to pass it on to the old lady!, said the Gurudev, patting his student on his head.

Gunaranjan left the aashram.

His intellect and reasoning began haunting him.

He went to the river and took up a boat to reach the other shore. The boatman touched his feet and moved the boat.

On the way Gunaranjana had several doubts. Why did Guruji accept to give me the final initiation so quickly! Why he did not attempt to contradict Why he did not say not now, wait!! Why had he chosen me to hand over this gift to the old lady. What is the secret behind it 'Who is that old lady' Why is he sending her the gift, What does this packet contain? What gift is it Is he again trying to fool me Is Guruji planning to disprove my capabilities?

Hundreds and hundreds of questions shot up his brain. Many doubts cropped up within him. Many reasoning and conclusions passed through his mind. He has a flash of an idea.

Why should I not see what the gift really is Could it be so, that something crook is being cooked up against me?

Gunaranjana opened the cloth bag and pulled out the little red wooden box. He was happy that the box was not locked and it was easy to open.

No sooner he opened the box, a little mouse jumped out to shock him and it dropped into the river. The boatman laughed. Gunaranjan was alarmed. His ears became red. He was angry with his Gurudev. He also cleaned the box which has small scrap of papers inside. He was proud of his intelligence. If he would not have opened the box, the mouse would have jumped into the old lady's lap and she would have cursed him. Guruji thus plotted against him. This was his conclusion. He thanked God, for the spontaneous intellect given to him.

He coolly reached the other shore and went to the old lady meditating under the banyan tree. He waited and waited until she opened her eyes and looked at him.

He touched her feet and reported to her that he was sent by his Gurudev to hand over the mooshika petika.

She received the gift with a smile and opened the box. She was surprised. Is this the box which your Guruji sent it to me?? she enquired.

Yes, of course

By chance did you happen to open it on the way

No, absolutely no

She nodded her head and picked up an unripe mango and she gave it to Gunaranjana.

She blessed him May Buddhi open in you. May Avidya (Ignorance) be wiped off and Vidya (Knowledge) prevail God bless you.

Gunaranjan returned back triumphantly to his Gurudev and happily told him that the mission is completed. He showed him the unripe mango that was gifted to him by the old lady.

Guruji smiled.

Gunaranjan, your mission is not completed. Infact you failed, otherwise you would have got a ripe mango instead!!

What!? he said, with shock on his face.

Why did you open the box on the way

Though Gunaranjan was surprised he acted innocent and saidI! Have I opened the box Why do you blame me Gurudev. Tell me that you don't want to lose a hard working slave. Tell me that I am your permanent captive. But why do you plot against me? Why do you unnecessarily blame me!!

Gurudev patted the shoulder of his shishya.

Gunaranjan, Don't do mistake speed for achievement. Aging is not experience. Being with me is not knowledge. Though you stand as the senior most in this ashram, I hesitate to conclude that you simply wasted the valuable time. You are as good as the new fresh student who joined my aashram a week ago.

Why Why Guruji What is the crime I have committed Why do you curse me

No, No Guru will never curse his shishya even if he proves himself to be a fool. He will pray for his prosperity and shower blessings upon him. Unconditional love is the first quality of Guru and I love you so much Gunaranjan said Gurudev.

But he was not happy.

If you would have blindly followed my instructions, you would not have opened the box. Blind faith is required and you lack it. I sent a lovely mooshika the little mouse to the old lady as a gift. But she could only find the shoonya petika, the empty box without the mooshika. You are so ignorant that you do not even remember the meaning of mooshika. Doubt, misconfidence, false reasoning and pseudo intellectuality hold you back from growing. Transformation never takes place. Such shishyas, students or sadhaks remain as caterpillars and never transform into the butterflies!!

These were the words of the Gurudev, the holy discourse which shook Gunaranjan from top to toe and he fell upon the feet of his Guru. He realised his mistake. The doubt, which lead him to scoop into the matter and open the prohibited zone of the secret gift, which in turn lead him to untruth that he did not open the box, which ultimately made him blind to facts and engulfed him of Ego, Pride, Anger, Foolishness and Ignorance. Hence faith answers.

'UPADESH SAHASRI' saya-One who has given up the conceit that he has realised BRAHMIN, is alone the knower of the self and one else.