Shyamanthaka Vidya

Quest for the Great Antharmukhi Transformation through Amazing Mantras and Mudras!!

  • Advanced prakampana vibrations to enhance the hook system of yogic healing.
  • The Seven Lohakona miracle healing tools with Shyamantaka symbols.
  • Amrit kalash, liquid healing techniques.
  • Opening the doors of the Chakramandal.
  • Bimba, Pratibimba, Chayabimba Chikithsa.
  • Sankalpshakti Prathista into self and others to achieve toughest goals and ambitions.
  • Vital channelling of the Sacred Tetrahedron Oracle Z-Beam into your total life system through upasarathi invocations.
  • Nadishasan and visualisation of the milkyway.
  • Flash healing through the ancient Chitra Vidya symbols and mudras.
  • Thrimoorthy and Thrisakthi invocation to reach the golden gates of the sovereign vertex point of ascension.
  • Driving out obstacles, hurdles, spirits and evil spells with the help of Arkadanda.
  • Panchasudhi mantras and secret mudra chihnas to activate ultra-K mega beams at your Work place, Bedrooms, Study place, Statues, Gemstones, Meditation chambers, Talismans, Yantras,Jewellery, Furniture, Valuables and many more.
  • Invoking Sathyavadi to reveal Hidden truths, Suppressed emotions, Missing persons, Lost valuables, Stolen articles and Crooked intentions.
  • Invocation of the Planets, Stars, Their adhipathis for mercy, Justice, Solace, Relief, Peace and prosperity through thandava mudras and zodiac meditation.
  • Transfer divine energies for cleansing and enlightment.
  • Chakra cleansing and Agnishakthi invocation to attain Skinglow, Good health, Grave internal and External beauty, Rejuvenation and Realisation.
  • Improve concentration, Memory, Hormone potency, Intuitional powers, Cosmic consciousness by third eye vibrations and Matangisatkar.
  • Give total satisfaction to Friend, Client, Customer, Lover, Life partner and crowds by projecting the "Swarnarekha" the ultimate power from your fingertips and your activated looks.
  • Heavenly rope walking and Ravimandap Invocation.
  • Shaktisopan, divine light ladder climbing and accessing Tara mandal.
  • Transform high sex drive energies into spiritual energies through Ratnavidya.

And many more exciting chapters!!

Yes, this is the call for the Ultra-Mega Healing Power into your fingertips and your activated looks!